For 66 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Lanier has played a critical role in our community. Due to COVID-19, our services are needed more than ever. The Clubs remain committed to supporting our kids, families, and communities. We are in this together!

1. How is Boys & Girls Clubs of Lanier continuing to pursue our mission while also meeting the needs of Clubs members during the COVID-19 crisis?

  • Distributing meals to kids – providing a week’s worth of meals and snacks to hundreds of kids every week.
  • Check-in calls Staff make calls to Club members’ parents/guardians stressed about childcare, food insecurity, and other fears arising from the coronavirus crisis. Calls are also made to Club members so they can hear from a familiar, encouraging voice.
  • Virtual programming – Club From Home Daily educational programs and activities are available to members and families via our website, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Mentoring via ZOOM weekly live mentoring sessions engage teens and sustain positive relationships with caring Club professionals. For more information on our mentoring program, please contact Mentoring Director, Derrick Caldwell.
  • 100% Staff retention – all BGCL staff are participating in organizational training/program planning needed to transition back into the workplace and working with our youth.

2. My kid(s) misses the Club. How can I keep them engaged and learning during the quarantine?

You can check out our Club from Home page that includes fun learning opportunities for your children to engage in at home.

3. I am interested in receiving meals for my kids. When are the meals distributed?

Meals are distributed to Club member families weekly on Fridays. Please contact your Site Director for more information.

4. I understand the Clubs are physically closed, will summer camp be available?

We are offering a FREE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE summer camp through the end of  June 2020.  An update for the remainder of the summer will be provided in the coming weeks.

Register online NOW!

5. My kid(s) would like to participate in the FREE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE summer camp but I unfortunately do not have a laptop at this time. What can I do in this situation?

Please contact your Club Site Coordinator/Unit Director for available options.

6. During the COVID-19 crisis, how are parents alerted about updates regarding the Clubs (summer registration, Club re-opening, virtual learning for kids, etc.)?

We will continue to provide updates through the following channels:

BGCL Website

Remind App


7. If I want to donate items (non-perishables, COVID-19 related PPE, etc.) to Clubs, can I drop it off?

Contact Wanda Newton, Director of Operations via email:

8. How can I talk to my kids and teens about COVID-19?

In times of uncertainty, it is very important to reassure young people and have a discussion with them about what is going on.

  First, become more knowledgeable with up-to-date related information.

  1. Review the CDC guidelines for healthy habits.
  2. Then, read our tips on how to help kids manage the anxiety around Coronavirus.
    Other resources for talking to your children about COVID-19 include: