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The Facts

Core Program Areas

  • Character & Leadership Development
  • Education & Career Development
  • Health & Life Skills
  • The Arts
  • Sports/Fitness/Recreation

Who We Serve and Where

Each year we serve almost 4,000 youth ages 6 to 18 at our three full service clubs, the Positive Place Club, Teen Center and Joseph F. Walters Club. Our members consist of:

Boys -  53%
Girls - 47%
6-10 years old – 52%
11-12 years old – 18%
13-18 years old – 30%

African-American – 39%
Hispanic/Latino – 44%
Caucasian – 10%
Other races - 7%

86% of members come from single-parent homes
77% of members come from economically disadvantaged circumstances

Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development

 A safe, positive environment: The Club is a safe haven where members feel physically and emotionally secure at all times.

Fun: The Club facility, staff and program offerings create a welcoming, positive environment that allows members to engage in play, enjoy their play time and be happy and eager to come to the Club.

Supportive relationships: The Club ensures that every young person feels connected to one or more adults and has friendships with peers.

Opportunities and expectations: Club staff and programs consistently communicate the expectation that every child has the potential to excel, be productive and succeed at the Club and in life.

Recognition: The Club takes every opportunity to recognize and validate Club members' achievements and accomplishments.